Support Coordination

Understanding your NDIS plan is the most crucial step in making your goals a success. It can be difficult and time consuming to navigate through plan and organizing supports. Our expert team can assist to understand your goals and needs to formulate a optimal tailored plan to achieve a desired outcome. We will assist to link you with suitable providers of your choice.

Benefits of support coordination :
• Help you understand NDIS plan
• Connect you with suitable service providers and supports
• Managing your budget and payments
• Providing ongoing advice and monitoring your progress
• Strengthening your network and connections in the community

Community Nursing

Community nursing is an essential facet of NDIS support framework designed to deliver specialized clinical support at your door step. We work closely with NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), your healthcare team including your GP, specialist and support coordinator etc. Primary goal of NDIS community nursing is to enhance independence and control to promote overall health and wellbeing

Benefits of Community Nursing:
– Personalized clinical care plan
– Clinical care at comfort of your home
– Enhanced independence
– Improved health and wellbeing
– Reduced hospitalization
– Flexibility with time and place

• Community nursing includes but not limited to:
• Medication management
• Wound care including pressure area assessment, prevention and care
• Continence management
• Bowel management including stoma care
• Respiratory management
• Enteral feeding and management (PEG feeding)

Assistance with Daily personal activities

Daily Activities are aimed to promote independence and improve quality of lie Services include a wide range of routine support services, including assistance in mobility, personal care, dressing, toileting, meal preparation, shopping, managing communication ,attending appointments etc .

Assistance with Daily living is a core support which means you can access services under ADLs through core budget of your NDIS plan. Core budget component of NDIS plan is flexible, hence, it allows you to choose which support you need and how often to meet your needs. Consider speaking with your plan manager or support coordinator regarding this.

Development of daily living and life skills

Activites of daily living ADLs are the essential tasks that each person needs to perform, on a regular basis, to sustain basic survival and well-being. Daily Activities services include wide range of routine support services , including assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, meal preparation and consumption, and attending medical or therapy appointments.

These services may also cover costs related to essential items like food, household supplies, toiletries, and cosmetics, as well as providing access to recreational and community events.

Assistance with Accommodation Support

NDIS supports with a range of flexible options such as specialist disability accommodation (SDA) , Supported Independent living and individualised living options to ensure participants have access to accommodation that can enable them to live a full life. Our experienced team member can assist you to find an accommodation that meets your needs and goals.

Social and Community access and participation

Community Participation supports also known as ‘Community Access’ includes support provided to participants to access the community and assist in building relationships and life skills. Community participation means different things to different people. Our experienced workers are highly skilled in supporting participants with diverse range of disabilities including complex needs and can support you or your loved ones in achieving goals and needs.

Support is provided either 1:1 or in a group with other participants. Community access support system can assist you to attend activities such as social outings, medical/other appointments, leisure activities such as doing craft class etc.

We can also assist you to participate in group and centre based activities. Vitahealth proudly organizes group activities regularly for our participants to promote activity and engagement. Ask our friendly staff for more information.

Vitahealth staff can organise our staff to assist you to access community safely for your basic or special needs such as medical appointments or employment etc. NDIS supports a participant to be able to access funding for transport assistance if the participant cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability. Funding considers any relevant taxi subsidy scheme, and it does not cover transport assistance for carers to transport their family member with a disability for everyday commitments.